National Match gunsmithing on M1 Garand and M14/M1A type semi-auto rifles.

- Rebarreling

- Glass Bedding

- Technical Inspection: includes visual, headspace, barrel straightness, throat, muzzle, trigger, op rod, gas cylinder, timing, safety, stock inspection, disassembly as needed

- Trigger and Sight work

- Stock replacement, refinishing, modifications for fit

- Parts replacement or National Match modifications

- Full National Match rebuilds, NM front end modification

- Scope mounting and bore sighting

- Appraisals:
all types of firearms and collections

- Detailing for the JOHN C. GARAND matches are my specialty

Work completed in one to three weeks, or less.

Often, some work
(i.e., tech inspections, trigger and sight work, scope mounting, parts replacement) can be done while customer waits. By appointment only.

I DO NOT......

- Discuss or recommend reloading

- Work on M16/AR15 type rifles or handguns

- On M14/M1A Type rifles, I only accept work that can be completed while the customer waits

- Offer firearms, ammo, or accessories for sale
(for those needs, see my friends at Fulton Armory ), although I will sometimes accept such items in trade for work, especially antique or hunting guns.

All major work, like rebarreling, glass bedding, stock work, require a substantial deposit. Since I am partially retired, I do not keep some high dollar items in stock.

I do not accept credit cards or checks.